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Chris Cloutier, 24, became separated from his two friends after an argument Saturday night. On Sunday morning, there was no sign of his friends so he started walking.

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However, he conceded it probably would have been best to stay at the campsite. So he began walking along the shore of Shoe Lake in Nopiming Park, a bag of all-dressed chips, a jug of orange juice and two lighters in hand. He thought he'd quickly be able to find the spot where his friends parked, but he failed to find the car and was lost.

He rationed his chips, drank the juice and when that ran out he used the bottle to collect rain water and drink that. Unlike Stroud in the show, Cloutier didn't have to resort to catching and eating animals.

He would wake up at dawn and walk all day. On the third day of walking he hurt his knee climbing rocks, but was able to limpalong until he found a trail that led to a road. A Winnipeg man driving by picked him up.

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This isn't the first time Stroud has been credited with helping someone survive in the wilderness. He survived about nine hours in freezing temperatures after building a snow cave to stay warm. As for Cloutier, he has a strained muscle in his knee and is still walking with a limp. He still has some chip crumbs in the bag, which he plans to keep as a souvenir, but said, "I'll never eat them all-dressed chips again. Cloutier said he rationed his only food, a large bag of all-dressed chips, and collected rain water to drink while he spent three nights lost in the wilderness of Nopiming Park in Manitoba.

Manitoba camper says TV show helped him survive three days lost in wilderness. Cloutier used the lighters to make fires for warmth and create smoke signals. Related Stories B.

Missing runner survives two days lost in snowy California wilderness. Report Error. Top Video false. Cancer researchers in B. Robert Olson. The group sought to find out how Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy SABR technology could be used to treat patients with metastatic cancer, which is when the disease has spread from the initial tumour to other parts of the body. SABR technology features advanced machines with built-in CT scans that can provide intense doses of radiation to specific parts of a tumour while reducing harm to surrounding healthy organs.

For the study, researchers conducted a randomized clinical trial using SABR technology in patients with metastatic cancer in 10 hospitals in Canada, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Australia from February to August The patients involved in the test only had between one and five additional tumours. They did note, however, there was a possibility of serious side effects and that more research is needed in that area.

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Precise form of radiation may improve survival for patients with metastatic cancer: study Researchers conducted a randomized clinical trial using SABR technology in patients with metastatic cancer in 10 hospitals, including six in B. Related Stories Immune system therapy shows wider promise against cancer.

Unmet need:' New program for men with prostate cancer shows promising results.

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A new therapy has been putting previously untreatable cancers into remission. Report Error. Top Video false. Manhunt suspects confessed to B.

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Man at climate change rally tackled by police near Trudeau. Don't Miss false. Bear cubs duke it out over hammock, hammock wins.

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