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To investigate this possibility we used three experimental approaches to explore grouping effects in displays involving interacting people. Each of these results is consistent with the social binding hypothesis, and alternative explanations based on low level perceptual features and attentional effects are ruled out. We conclude that automatic mid-level grouping processes bind individuals into groups on the basis of their perceived interaction.

Such social binding could provide the basis for more sophisticated social processing.

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Identifying the automatic encoding of social interactions in visual search, distortions of spatial working memory, and facilitated retrieval of object properties from longer-term memory, opens new approaches to studying social cognition with possible practical applications. Bound Together: Social binding leads to faster processing, spatial distortion and enhanced memory of interacting partners.

Abstract The binding of features into perceptual wholes is a well-established phenomenon, which has previously only been studied in the context of early vision and low-level features, such as colour or proximity. This is an author-produced version of the published paper. Painter Nell Irvin. Rivers Larry Eugene. Ross Robert.

Ryan William. Stampp Kenneth Milton.


Staudt Moreira Paulo Roberto. Tannenbaum Frank. Troutman Phillip. Vlach John Michael.

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West Emily. Wheat David. Wilson Calvin Dill. Wish Harvey. Woodson Carter Godson.

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