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Great album. I must say though, my favourite period of the band or version of was the Cuccurullo era, , Big Thing and Medazzaland are amazing albums that were overlooked by the fans. I still think they are lacking something today without Warren Cuccurullo, who was so much more inventive and dare i say more talented than Andy Taylor. Other Kindles are left out.

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All Rights Reserved — in this world and all others. The Sci-Fi Fanatic.

Cancel reply. Your Name required Your Email required Website optional. Maybe a restoresmyfaith hashtag for those stories that balance out the frustrating ones that just make you want to scream. Q: What advice would you give to a brand about how to get started with a social media program or make their existing one more effective?

Rhino debuts new ‘Single Notes’ eBook series with titles on Duran Duran, CBGB’s scene

A: Figure out where you need to be and focus on that. There are so many social media options and too many brands try to jump on every single one—and end up never doing a great job with any of them. The key is to figure out which platforms match your communications goals and communications content.

Start by asking questions — Are you seeking real-time two way interactions with customers, partners, or the community at large? Are you seeking a targeted way to reach specific types of readers? Is my content best presented in a short, long, or multi-media format? Then put all of your resources into making those the best they can be. Q: If you could follow any historical figure on social media, who would it be?

Warner Music Group Unveils SINGLE NOTES

Both seem like naturals for social media as they were storytellers, conveying their respective messages through stories and shared experiences. They probably would have made incredible use of a real-time two-way platform. Q: Cone, cup, or straight from the container? Q: Favorite flavor? A: I love all the Nutty Cone flavors. They have a chocolate ribbon, nuts, and bits of ice cream cone in the ice cream itself! I get my cone, and eat it in a risk-free cup , too! Have something to add or share? Please leave a comment in the section below. A: I am a little embarrassed to say this, but the first thing I do every morning, before I check my email or even before I get out of bed, is reach for my phone and check my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, in that order.

I do still use traditional news outlets, but more for big-picture stuff and post-news analysis. Breaking news I usually get on Twitter and Facebook. A: As far as getting the stuff I write out there, it has completely changed the game. But it makes a real difference.


A: It pretty much IS my life now! But it really is an invaluable tool for both discovering and disseminating content. It really changed my writing career, I have to say. I feel like I have a little inner circle of people interested in reading what I have to say, or checking out music I recommend.

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Everyone wants to be heard. A: A little of both. This is a bad habit that I know I need to break. I also probably sometimes ruin a nice moment by being unable to resist the urge to whip out my phone and take a photo or video of it, rather than just be present.

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I follow those just to keep on top of things, or to show support. When he gets going, his Twitter feed is pure gold.

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A: I think I use social media more for information than for entertainment, so I comb feeds for news and announcements. I do like people who live-tweet pop culture events with a snarky sense of humor, though. Scrolling through my Insta feed puts me in a nice trance. A: nodisrespecttobenaffleck is a classic! Reply to some people once in a while and make their day! And, of course, waiting for them to reply to me.