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Before the opening performance, Otto Frank wished the cast every success; he himself could not and did not want to see the play. The idea of seeing his family on stage was too much for him. The final Broadway performance took place on 22 June After performances, the play started on a tour of other US cities. The play was staged in many other countries as well, including the Netherlands.

In Germany, the play made a deep impression, and more than 2 million people came to see it. Afterwards, there was often a minutes-long silence. In Germany — and in many other countries — the diary became better known because of the play. George Stevens directed the film. It premiered in New York on 18 March According to the available data, the film was not a blockbuster: the budget is estimated at 3 million dollars, the gross yield at 5 million dollars. However, the film won several prizes and 3 Oscars for:. Egyedi, who survived the Theresienstadt concentration camp, later said that she did not believe the letters were meant for her.

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Not all of the diary was addressed to Kitty, by the way. Early letters were also addressed to Conny, Marianne, Emmy, and Pop. German officers raided the building and made arrests on August 4, I only did my duty. Now I am suspended and I have just bought some new furniture and how am I going to pay for it?

Silberbauer also later admitted that he bought a copy of The Diary of a Young Girl to see if he had been featured. Emaciated, she had already lost her mother to starvation, her sister to typhus, and believed her father to be dead. But in , new research released by the Anne Frank House suggested that both Anne and her sister, Margot, may have died in February one month earlier than was previously believed. By summer, he learned that his daughters and his wife were all dead.

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  • The Diary of a Young Girl.

It was Otto who published Anne's diary in Otto went on to have a long life: he passed away in Basel, Switzerland in , at the age of Miep Gies collected the diaries and papers after soldiers left and hoped to be able to return them to Anne one day. After receiving the pages, Otto submitted them for publication, knowing that was what Anne had intended.

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Gies later said that if she had known what was inside, she would have destroyed the writings because they incriminated everyone who helped hide the Franks, the van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer. Otto Frank finally persuaded her to read it when the book was in its second printing. Anne Frank's writing have caused some controversy over the year, but not for the reasons you might think.

There are passages in the diary in which Anne expresses curiosity about her anatomy—a totally normal thing for a girl in her teens to do. The little hole underneath is so terribly small that I simply can't imagine how a man can get in there, let alone how a whole baby can get out! In an effort to put these rumors to rest, the documents were analyzed for handwriting, glue and binding methods, and the types of ink and paper.

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Nothing was found that would even remotely point to the diary being a fake. In the late s, the rumor started circulating among Beatles fans that "the Cute One" had died in a car crash in The band felt bad about lying to loyal fans, however, and began leaving clues in the album artwork to tip them off.

One such "clue" was the entire cover of the Abbey Road album. Fans deduced that a simple picture of the band crossing the road was actually meant to depict a funeral procession. John, in white, was the clergyman.

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At some point during the brief shoot, he kicked them off. Readings from her diary by Georgia Groome with reminiscences from Eva Schloss, a survivor who knew Anne. Anne Frank would have been 90 this year. On her thirteenth birthday, June 12th , she was given a red chequered diary. The readings include reminiscences from Eva Schloss.

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Eva knew Anne as a young girl in Amsterdam. They both went into hiding from the Nazis on the same day.

The Diary of a Young Girl

Like the Frank family, Eva's family were also betrayed and sent to concentration camps where her father and brother died. Eva describes how Anne loved to write stories and then perform them to the other children where they lived. And hearing the diaries read out loud gives a sense of that young girl who loved to perform and to be heard.