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Go to the Campaigns page and click the Ads tab or the Keywords tab. Find the affected ad s or keyword s. Disapproved ads or keywords will have either Disapproved or Approved Limited listed in the Delivery column.

Select the checkbox to the left of the affected ad s or keyword s. In the Tell us your reason for requesting an exception box, tell us why you believe the ad or keyword meets the policies and should not have been disapproved, or why the policy in question doesn't apply. Click Request an exception.

We'll review the ad component again to ensure the right decision is made. When you submit the request, the delivery status for the ad component is set to Exception under review.

The Microsoft Advertising team responds to requests as quickly as possible—most reviews are completed within a day. Balinski M, Laraki R A theory of measuring, electing, and ranking. Mimeographed Unpublished manuscript Google Scholar. Fabre A Tie-breaking the highest median: alternatives to the majority judgment.

From Disapproval to Change? Russia’s Population May Surprise Putin at the Next Elections

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How do I challenge a disapproval?

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