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I learn something more challenging on different blogs every day. It will always be stimulating to read content from other writers and practice a little something from their store. Thanks for sharing. Post a Comment. August 08, Time for my blog feature, Building Character in which you get to meet characters from a book.

Tortured Soul (Mercy's Angels, #3) by Kirsty Dallas

Talking to a character outside of their book is fun! Of fun. Great of you to join us, Kacie. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself, please? My name is Kacie Ramsey, and I see dead people. Yep, I'm a physical medium, been told I'm quite powerful. I'm a fifteen-year-old high school sophomore. I love acting, especially musical theater. This semester I'm starring in the school musical Anything Goes. Though I love drama, that love is limited to the stage. My life is so full of drama at times, and it drives me crazy. I'm a member of the Orion Circle, an elite club of paranormal hunters.

I have an awesome boyfriend, Logan, who is also a physical medium. That sounds like a tough talent to have. Maybe a better question would be what conflict am I not up against. Homicidal ghost, Mommy issues, crazy innkeepers, out of control powers—yet all that is eclipsed by the souls of those poor, trapped children. I learned that my dad really does love me. I spent so much of the last six years thinking he hated me—no not hate… that he merely tolerated my presence.

He blamed me when my mother walked out on us six years ago. Oh, jeez, Kacie. It sounds like you are hinting at something important there. Maybe we can lighten the mood. Tell us about your best friend. The story of The Wake fuses science fiction and horror through the course of three time periods. In terms of the comic's story, that's all I really want to spill. Believe me when I say that you have to read this to believe it. All I will say is that by the time you get halfway through this series, it catapults into an unforeseen direction of manic madness that you will not see coming Scott Snyder's twist script is only accentuated by the artwork of industry vet Sean Murphy.

Murphy's line-work ranges from quiet and stark to wonderfully over the top and nigh-cinematic. When the The Wake presents big action set-pieces, it's Murphy who brings them to life, and they are a sight to behold. Throughout his work over the years, Murphy's work has usually always been dynamic, and here he goes above and beyond. If there's any drawbacks to The Wake , it's that it feels too short.

Snyder tells an epic horror story and turns it into something else entirely, but it often feels like there's bits missing that shouldn't be. It's nothing major in the least though, and it doesn't detract from the overall product thankfully. It's unlikely you'll read anything like it in modern, mainstream comics today, and this is without a doubt the best thing I've read from Vertigo in the past few years. There's a reason this book won an Eisner Award basically the Oscar's of comic books and has become revered within the comic community.

Do yourself a favor and go pick up the trade paperback.

You'll be glad that you did. Share this Like this: Like Loading We want to hear your thoughts! Cancel reply. Below you can see the teaser trailer for the show premiering May 31st! Susan Hill. Daphne Du maurier. The Tucson Time Traveler. HoTS: Who were some of your early writing influences? HoTS: Why the horror genre? HoTS: Who are some of your favorite authors and books? HoTS: For young writers out there, what words do you have for them? HoTS: Where do your ideas come from? Nick Younker : Thick air… cause I find it hard to breathe or think, in thin air.

Thanks for speaking with me, Jaye! You rock girl! Two end in total annihilation. On the planet Sedulon, a rogue band of renegade time travelers and scientific misfits fight to save the futures of two worlds. Doc Hydrabus — a brilliant scientist whose body splits into a crowd of his past and selves, he lives in one present and many futures all at the same time. Cassindra — years old, impossible to kill and every bit as deadly as she is beautiful. Rushaar and Shartara — alien beings made entirely of gas with one simple plan, to use time travel to assassinate the leader of Sedulon and save their planet Eidolonia.

The Parassassin — he will take the shot that decides the destinies of everyone in the galaxy. Before I get to the interview, though, I would like to tell you more about his works. About The Crimson Corset : Welcome to Crimson Cove a cozy village in California where Cade Coulter , our protagonist, moves to live with his brother hoping for a peaceful life. Everything is idyllic until the sun sets and the little tourist town begins to show more night death than nightlife. At the very edge of town sits The Crimson Corset known for its crazy soirees and licentiousness, where people can indulge their every fantasy no matter how depraved or unacceptable.

The only thing is is that the place is owned and operated by a vampire. The owner, Gretchen VanTreese , wants to take out the Old World Vampires that also exist in the town so that she can be free to create a new race of vampires that she will rule. And Cade Coulter will have to fight this wicked and enticing vampire, even give up his own humanity to save the town and everyone that he loves. I loved this book. There is nothing better than a great story infused with blood, violence, and gore. Let me show you some of the reviews so you can get an even better idea:.

Put Bram Stoker in a giant cocktail shaker, add a pinch of Laurell K.

Reminiscent of the work of Sheridan Le Fanu Carmilla , Uncle Silas in its hothouse, almost Victorian intensity, it tells a multi-leveled story of misalliance and mixed motives. The language is darkly lyrical, and the tale is compelling. Very nice heavy hitters for a debut book! Which brings me to the next bit about him. Hamilton of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels. House of Tortured Souls: So, Alistair , what would you like people to know about you? Alistair Cross: I am not a morning person: no, I will not help your sister move…and I prefer cats to most people.

So sorry I missed that readers. Next question Alistair: What are your horror influences? AC: Stephen King , of course, who was my introduction to the genre back when I was barely 8 years old.

We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage

HoTS: What did you do with your very first advance for a book?? AC: I just stared at it. A lot. HoTS: What was your first scary movie? AC: The first movie I remember being absolutely terrified by was Cujo. It still makes me a little uneasy.

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  • Finding The Phoenix.
  • Kendra Wilkinson Biography.

HoTS: How do you write what you want without worrying about how your subject matter will be taken? AC: As a horror author, I consider it my duty to shock and offend. I write the stories I want to read and figure it is likely others out there will want to read them too. HoTS: What is your spirit animal? AC: Stevie Nicks is my spirit animal. HoTS: Has anything in your books ever happened to you?

  • Yulin Dog Festival in A Chinese Tell You Why They Eat Dogs – Pet Pet Buy;
  • The Statue of Liberty: with audio recording (Wonders of America).
  • A Lesson In Seduction (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern).

All fiction is rooted in truth, but I never set out to chronicle my own experiences. HoTS: How did you and Tamara become writing partners? I liked it so much, I got all of her books and began stalking her website via AOL dial-up because in my day we had to practice patience when we stalked people online. Several years later, after my first book was published, I began a blog dedicated to interviews with authors.

Tamara Thorne was one of the first people I asked to be on my blog. That short story became a full-length novel, and that led to the next one and the one after that, and the rest is history. Writing with Tamara is one of the easiest, most natural things I have ever done and, at the risk of sounding corny, I believe it was simply meant to be. We spend our days working on Skype and when our cats start climbing us, we turn on the cameras. I love watching the way she gives him kisses, then shoves her butt in his face.

Those two are madly in love. Things went to hell anyway Only in the published Silmarillion. In The History of Middle-earth , he sparks a civil war among the Haladin and orchestrates the death of their chief and his remaining family members out of the belief that they failed to protect his children and thrust his wife out to die.

He then ends up killing the Haladin who followed him in a petty fight over treasure, and is only stopped from causing more damage by Melian telling him that he isn't helping anyone. Then he kills himself. This might actually be a case of being tortured makes you crazy instead, which would certainly be justified after what happened to him. In The Lord of the Rings , Gollum was evil to begin with, but after being tortured by Sauron he became worse.

Winston's torture doesn't really turn him evil, per se; he just becomes a 'good citizen'. You could maybe argue that obedience is evil, but whether that's true or not is kind of the point of the book "Is a lunatic a minority of one? Either way, the torture and its effects are definitely not hand waved but explored in great detail about half the book. More to the point, was Winston a good guy to begin with?

Sure, Big Brother is clearly a bad guy, but Winston doesn't really appear to be any better than anyone else — just a bit more independent. Mord Sith from the Sword of Truth books, but although one described what happened, it never really got into why it worked something about the most innocent can be turned, but that's still not getting into it. It just did. It was explained as 'Years of horrific torture designed to break someone, and then keep torturing them and only stop if they torture other people for you.

As terrifying as the prospect is, the girls chosen have already had it hammered into them that this is a holy calling and their destined fate, and are partially picked for a lack of innate resistance and a natural desire to please. Stockholm Syndrome is far more powerful when you start out seeing your captors as compassionate teachers and ideal role models. They take the sweetest, most eager-to-please girls at a very young age, torture them elaborately and horrifically, physically and psychologically, until they will do anything for their teacher; until they become so used to pain that they actually get off on using the weapon which causes anyone it touches - including the wielder - unendurable pain; then they are forced to watch as their mother is tortured to death, and then to torture their own father to death.

Oh, and it's considered commendable if they thereafter avenge themselves on their masters by torturing them to death. Anyone who is pushed that far without dying is bound to go a bit insane. The loyalty thing is explained by a magical connection they have to whoever the current Lord Rahl is - even if they don't necessarily like it. The Scorpion Signal , an espionage novel by Adam Hall. The protagonist Quiller is sent to track down a Rogue Agent who was tortured by the KGB, and nearly gets killed because he fails to consider just how much torture can change a man.

Like making him willing to kill a former friend when he interferes in his plot to assassinate the Soviet Premier. To a professional intelligence agent being tortured is Nothing Personal — Quiller fails to consider just how much It's Personal for the person being tortured. Then he becomes a proper Antichrist. Happens to several characters in The First Law , although torture doesn't always make them evil in a direct cause and effect: Inquisitor Glokta, one of the main protagonists, was a dashing Master Swordsman and all around "golden boy" until he was captured in battle and horribly tortured, leaving him a total physical wreck.

Edward Richtofen Quotes

After the war, he became a Torture Technician , and while amusing to read about and known for occasionally petting the dog, he's still cruel and generally devoid of empathy. Somewhat subverted in that he wasn't really a great guy prior to the torture, so in a way, it just brought out the "real him". Glokta's example is deconstructed as the story goes on; he was raised to be a soldier and nothing else, and when he was crippled, he had no other skills to fall back on He's also unique in that he becomes more compassionate instead of less through the trilogy, making use of Exact Words and Bothering by the Book to spare the innocent as far as he can.

This is most notable when he marries Ardee and claims her unborn child, Jezal's bastard, is his. This effectively saves both their lives; he gets away with it because he had promised to "deal with" the "threat to the state" they posed, and even then knows he is skating on terribly thin ice. Salem Rews, a Big Fun merchant and former friend of Glokta is brought before him, and Glotka has him beaten and threatend with torture to get him to confess to largely trumped up charges. Rews is then sent to a penal colony, and shortly after arriving, is horribly burned in an accident.

He eventually comes back for vengeance on Glokta, but is persuaded to become Glotka's partner and in a later book, he's shown as the superior officer of the guy who ran the penal colony in which he was once a prisoner. Shivers, a protagonist of the spin-off novel Best Served Cold is a Barbarian Hero trying to be a good person. However, he mellows out a bit in later books. She captures people, brainwashes them, and turns them into unwitting agents, letting them free afterwards to go back to the New Republic, completely unaware of what's happened to them until they find themselves doing her will.

The process of converting people is never detailed in full, but it does involve torture. Tycho Celchu went through this and remembers being in that prison when he's let go. When he reports back he's suspected to be one of the unwitting agents even though he remembers being there. But he was immune. It's shown that there's more to it then torture, including simulations, drugs, and such. In Rebel Force a different Imperial has a method for turning people into emotionless assassins, which involves torturing them vigorously while he wasn't in sight to induce Stockholm Syndrome , then erasing all of their old memories.

It's suggested but left up in the air that his best assassin, X-7, may have used to be one of the heroes of Last of the Jedi. Late in the series he gets his hands on Luke Skywalker, but Luke resists and plays along. Legacy of the Force : Jacen Solo does this to Ben Skywalker, in an attempt to turn him to the dark side, and make him his first apprentice. Speaking of Jacen Solo, his time as a prisoner of the torture-happy Yuuzhan Vong is widely held to have contributed to his own eventual turn to the dark side.

While he had spent the previous books finding ways to sate his hunger without harming anyone, this event makes him reconsider whether it's worth it. In his next appearance, he's as good and friendly as he had been, but still decidedly well-fed. Since the woman he's in love with has figured out a way around the whole 'I can't touch you' thing he no longer has any need to feed from anyone else, rendering the whole thing moot anyway. Questioned in The Cursed by Dave Duncan , though not exactly lampshaded.

The response is that this does indeed work if you don't only use torture, but combine it with a system of mental conditioning the nature of which is never actually explained. Folgrim of The Legend of Luke suffered a variation. He was tortured and blinded in one eye by vermin, and this caused him to become insanely violent and unstable, but his violence was directed towards vermin specifically. Since they're Always Chaotic Evil the good guys have no problem with him killing them, but when he starts to eat them Live-Action TV.

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Homeland : Whether or not this applies to Nicholas Brody is an important and recurring plot point. In the US adaption of House of Cards , Claire seemed to place more blame on herself for being raped years ago than on the rapist himself. Dean: If I go in there and do it, I won't be the same person when I come out. The singer is repeatedly tortured in an unsuccessful attempt to make him confess to a bombing he didn't commit.

By the end, he's patiently awaiting his release so he can suicide-bomb a bus, knowing full well that another innocent person will probably be tortured and made to confess to the crime. This is completely Played for Laughs.


Tabletop Games. After almost three years of hideous, painful torture, the creature that crawled into the pit a gelugon crawls out of it a pit fiend They aren't used en masse because they frequently slip out of control, stop mid-strike and run away, to find the real wizard whom they want to shred.

The Iron Ring, a slave-trading secret society from the Mystara setting, acquires its Mooks via this trope, torturing people they've taken captive until they're reduced to mindless berserkers.

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Such "Hounds" are virtually incapable of coherent thought, retaining just enough wits to cringe before their captors' whips, that herd them into battle. The 5th Edition Monster Manual states that the Hellish Horses known as "Nightmares" aren't naturally occurring anywhere in the multiverse.

Instead they are created by evil beings who capture a live Pegasus and subject it to a humiliating ritual that involves painfully amputating its wings and twisting its mind to evil with dark magic. They reproduce by abducting humans from the real world, usually subject them to constant, brutal, horrific tortures, and then once the last bit of their humanity is stripped away, they become True Fae. Kindred of the East : Your average Kuei-jin 1 were tossed to hell, where they suffered from constant torment , then 2 crawl back to the world of the living to do some unfinished business, and 3 have their lower soul constantly agitated due to their time being tormented in hell.

Is it a wonder that most of them turn into cannibal ghouls, and are just one step away from turning into One-Winged Angel even in their most collected moments? In Warhammer 40, covens of Warpsmiths attempt to increase the number of Renegade Knights by capturing and torturing lone Imperial Knights, especially Freeblades , until they either die or turn to Chaos.

Video Games. This is pretty much word-for-word the backstory for Widowmaker in Overwatch. As long as you're careful not to kill them which turns them into fairly mediocre Ghosts , anyone will break eventually This even includes the Avatar , although it takes a very long time. However, since the Avatar is supposed to come back when you kill him, if you don't and convert him then his also good twin shows up to fight you.

Enemy Mistresses, however, doesn't join your forces because your torture has broken their spirits. They happily and willing join you out of gratitude for being tortured. It works the same way in the sequel, though torturing your enemies to death now causes them to reveal map information to you instead of turning into Ghosts. In Batman: Arkham Knight , while not "evil" per say, Jason Todd is tortured for a year by the Joker and this eventually turns him to the Arkham Knight. Subverted slightly as he doesn't become a complete villain and still cares about the rest of the Bat Family, but certainly a different take than how he became Red Hood in the comics.

Makes you wonder if The Emperor was trying to duplicate that stunt at the end of Return of the Jedi. Malak : "No, you misunderstand. This is but a taste of the Dark Side, to whet your appetite. Jack: They thought they were so clever. Turns out, mess with someone's head enough and you can turn a scared little kid into an all-powerful bitch. Fucking idiots! Web Comics.

A variant in Goblins existed with the Fat Guard's plan. He believed that sufficient torture could turn powerful, but largely non-aggressive, monsters into killing machines that could be used to defend Brassmoon. When he released it, he found to his dismay that only the first part had worked. When they were captured by the Demon Queen, Shine, and her minions, they were horribly tortured and corrupted with her dark magic into twisted beings who could no longer remember their names and former lives.

The only unicorn who still retained much of his former self was Frenzy. Unfortunately, since the universe he inhabits is such an awful place to live in that it happily wishes to screw, torture and maim any decent being that lives in it, he is cursed with a blood red mist that is like a Hate Plague to anyone who breathes it. Because he remembers his former life, Frenzy is the most peaceful of the dire unicorns, yet seeing the effects time and again of the horrible curse of rage and destruction that travels with him caused him to slowly lose his mind and is now quite insane.

The Water Phoenix King : Prince Thrale was thoroughly tortured into insanity, and developed an insatiable urge to cause as much death and gore as humanly possible. Web Original. In The Gamer's Alliance , Omaroch, Kaizoku, Tanya and Izael end up captured by their enemies who turn them on their side with a combination of torture and mindrape. Justified in that said character is an empath , and the torture was simply necessary to turn her into a conduit for negative emotion.

Not that that makes any of the torture less disturbing. While Nights of AJCO was hardly a saint to begin with, following the psychological torture she suffered during the Silo arc she lost her only redeeming feature - her love for the Castle Crew. And then when she tried to reclaim power by threatening Breyos, he injected her with deadly spider venom and left her to die.

She's now completely broken and loyal to AJCO. At least for now.