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Graduate student Kristin Travers was involved in the ooVoo use, as well. In her last year at GVSU, she completed the original website for ooVoo at the university, and she assisted with ooVoo interviews. She also created a video in which she played the role of a job applicant, demonstrating things that students should not do when interviewing virtually.

His book was developed as a practical guide for business and organization leaders about the best sustainability practices, using West Michigan as an example. Another participant is Ashok Kumar, professor of management and the E. Perhaps the largest sustainable effort in the college is the construction of the new L. March The Department of Public Safety at Grand Valley State University offers free jump-start services to students who get stranded when trying to go to their desired destinations. Paul Weaver, traffic officer of the Grand Valley Police Department, said that the most common causes of cars not starting is because people leave headlights on or the car battery needs to be replaced.

Weaver said GVPD carries small industrial portable. Here to serve: The department of public safety at GVSU is responsible for keeping roads and sidewalks clear as well as being available to jump student and faculty cars. Previous page Next page. So to help support and encourage these ideals, this year brings together the best of breed in Business Process Excellence thinking to help refocus you on what matters most to your business — operational, process and people excellence.

Why not take a look at what both Summits have to offer! See you in January. View the BPM agenda-at-a-glance. I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to attend the Summit.

Is Your Organization Sustainable?

It was the best conference I've attended! The presentations were timely and interesting, the attendees were engaged and ready to share ideas, even the vendors had a lot to offer. And your group really kept everything organized at the site. It's re-energized me and I'll be incorporating many ideas into my work. Email enquire iqpc.

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Through the mixture of visionary thought-leadership and practical techniques for embedding Lean Six Sigma thinking within the business, the Summit provides essential guidance on future industry evolutions as well and the critical strategies to help you make the journey. As such the content is designed to take customer facing BPM strategies to a whole new level and give you and your BPM teams the knowledge you need to achieve true enterprise-wide business process transformation. You launch a Business Process Improvement initiative apparently with all the right components; leadership commitment, talented practitioners and a pipeline of important projects.

However, you soon discover that you just don't get the results you expect. Despite incorporating change management techniques you just don't get the results and management ownership needed. Now, with most of the low hanging fruit gone, leaders are challenged to implement breakthrough methods that produce increasingly better ROI. During this workshop, attendees will participate in teams through a dynamic, hands-on simulation to learn how to integrate Constraints Management to yield results that Lean Six Sigma cannot produce on its own.

Participants will track the results for key metrics and measure the difference. They quickly learn what Lean veterans have already learned: that process is at the heart of any Lean program. Product and case study led presentations will run continuously through out the 18th — 19th January in the solutions hall. For a complete schedule visit www. However with so many Process Excellence approaches available and with every industry advisor or solution provider promoting a different and new improved model, the challenge is not how to find advice, but who to listen to when there are so many differing voices in the community.

Or are you looking to implement a structured framework to measure process performance? If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is an unmissable opportunity for you to benchmark key process and operational deliverables. How do you measure them? So how do you equip yourself and your team to more effectively manage your project timelines, team and results for successful business outcomes?

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The Process Excellence approach has provided a clear roadmap and perfected a sustainable approach to pursue the first set of activities. The second set of activities — creating the future through doing things different — is the mandate of innovation. Most companies however, struggle with balancing these key sets of activities. In this working group, we will discuss how to simultaneously manage the ying and yang nature of efficiency and creativity to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Sustainable business improvement requires a complete system yet still most companies do not have the required framework in place to effectively implement the long term transformational process required of the individual improvement methodologies.

This workshop will allow you to not only identify the gaps in your current program but also to help you to build a more sustainable management framework for continued World Class Results. For Further information on solutions hall only passes and solution providers click here. Hear their story, the challenges along the way, the benefits to the business and how you can take these ideas and achieve the same results in your organization — today! The resulting customer delight generates market leadership despite intense competition. These 'high velocity organizations' consistently win based on their capacity for generating and sustaining broad based, high speed, relentless improvement and innovation.

Even when others are stymied by the complexity of their work and organizations, the leaders run solidly out in front. This session will tell you what you need to know to become a high velocity organization. Following rave feedback form the inaugural European and US panels launched this year the PI Visionary Council returns to help you get your priorities straight for And who will become the new leaders? These 21st century corporations have raised their expectations and are changing their ways of doing business with global business partners forever.

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Companies are taking a detailed look at core and non-core processes and are working towards value chain models where they optimize what they do best and partner with the rest. Speed, productivity, flexibility and financial performance are critical and the pushing Lean and business transformation once again to the forefront with the imperative to drive higher productivity and flexibility across the global enterprise. Where does your improvement program fit within the industry spectrum which ranges from pockets of TPM, Lean and Six Sigma to building true end to end business capabilities?

A few industry leaders such as Proctor and Gamble have internally developed an Integrated Improvement Management System which has enabled a stage 4 and 5 maturity. So, do you have a clear picture as to your programs strengths and weaknesses and where should you be focusing your strategic improvement efforts on your PEX program? Just decide on the day which sessions are most applicable to the development of your Business Process Excellence program.

However, most companies do not have the required framework in place to effectively transform individual improvement methodologies into this holistic management system across the supply chain. This session will allow you to identify the gaps in your current program and help you build a more sustainable management framework for continued World Class Results and transformation of your end to end supply chain capabilities. BPM: Natural bed fellows or arch enemies? Or are they different?

Who should own the change process?

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Does this really happen in practice? Session open for sponsorship: email sponsorship iqpc. And is it really generating the results above? Participate in this enlightening discussion around how to optimize shareholder return and enterprise value through Lean. Take away, ideas for taking a closer look at the effectiveness of your Lean program, best practices for ensuring program alignment with business strategy and tested approaches for creating a business-wide philosophy for improvement embedded across the entire enterprise. William, A. Following the final round of judging on January 17th, the awards winners will collect their awards as part of this exciting evening of celebration and entertainment.

IQPC invite you to join the celebrations and recognize the hard work and achievements of your industry peers. Click here for more information on the Process Excellence Awards and gala dinner. EMAIL: enquire sixsigmaiq. For Further information on solutions hall only passes and solution providers click here 8.

Many of the key elements that the renowned Disney Institute has expertise in include: leadership, people management, quality service, and loyalty. Experience these elements brought together in a engaging overview focused on how to drive peak performance, top-box satisfaction levels, and bottom-line results. In pursuit of their market leadership not only do they need to spend time looking inside their business at know how things are getting done but also looking outward to get deep understanding of their customers.

Welcome to the new era of outside-in thinking that is sweeping the globe…. We can no longer just look within our organization boundary to create a sustainable competitive advantage. We have to extend our scope and embrace a broader view of optimizing process by understanding, managing and developing customer expectations and the associated experience. Hosted by the world renowned BP Group, this unique panel is your chance to meet and hear the customer success stories from 3 of the most successful outside-in companies.

Standout high-performance companies build differentiated business capabilities and sustained competitive advantage based on superior business process design and execution. A process-based advantage delivers sustainable business performance through changing economic and market environments. It creates a foundation for business agility, high quality and efficiency. The next generation of organizational performance will focus on moving from issues to business outcomes with pace, certainty and agility that generate competitive differentiation and performance excellence.

Lean purists see Six Sigma as a over complicated statistical model that is slow to deliver results, and Six Sigma purist deem Lean as lacking in Quality control and structured frameworks. With so many opinions in the market place how do you pick out the management fiction from the real macoy?

And secondly — does it matter what you call it? Or can neither exist in a vacuum? Excited about this? Or missed some critical sessions? Then make sure you stick around to hear the highlights from both Summits in this combined Profit Through Process Week closing summary. This innovative approach will show you how to achieve a company-wide common language for rational thought process driven by data and facts.

Strategic thinking happens in a number of different ways, formal and informal but fundamentally affects your ability to execute on your long term process improvement objectives. Therefore, when the plan is lacking, we need to step back and consider the thinking. Even thinking is a process. The chance to share stories and counter measures with the Lean Six Sigma community Session open for sponsorship — email sponsorship iqpc. Will yours be in the top 10?

And how are these changing role of quality management in line with changing business strategies? Now you can learn from the experts how you too can inject the magic of Disney into your own Service Quality model. Throughout the hands-on workshop and field experience the Disney experts show you the importance of attention to detail and how to train your employees to treat customers as VIPs. Designed for senior Lean leadership and program directors the focus day will run on a leader- to- eader format with highly interactive content and discussions.

The perfect session for those looking to benchmark Lean development whether from a pure Lean background or a dual Lean Six Sigma approach. Stand alone or part or a broader Process Improvement?

How much of it is in the tools and how much is from the culture?