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Let your students pair up. Each group has a fidget spinner. One student gives the spinner a spin and the other has to introduce himself or talk about a certain topic for as long as it keeps spinning. Just like with math exercises, you can make a circle with new words in it. Let your students spin the spinner on the card.

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Let them explain the word, translate it, give a synonym, use it in a sentence, etc. To define a students reading level they often have to read a list of words as fast a possible. Let your students practice for that test with a fidget spinner. How many words can they read in one spinn?

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Let your students do one exercise during the complete time the fidget spinner is spinning. Then, go on to the next one. Let your students choose the exercise and spin the spinner one by one. Some exercises will be brief, others not. Divide your students into 4 or 5 groups. Each of them gets one fidget spinner. The first student of each group puts the fidget spinner on its forehead while spinning and tries to reach another student without losing it.

Which group is the fastest?

Yep, fidget spinners are made to keep students' attention and focus. So why not do yoga with it? Practice some standard and harder positions, then ask your students to place the fidget spinner somewhere on their body, while doing the exercises.

Full Lesson Plan Overview

Will it fall or not? Share this post along with your own ideas. The best ideas will be added to the post! Make sure to tag BookWidgets. BookWidgets enables teachers to create fun and interactive lessons for tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Spinning Tops

Choose from over 40 exercise templates quizzes, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, Toggle navigation. BookWidgets Teacher Blog. Fun classroom activities with fidget spinners 1. Teaching math with fidget spinners Multiplication tables Draw a circle on a paper and divide it into 10 pizza parts. Additions and subtractions This exercise kind of works the same as the one above, but students can do this individually. Arithmetic To encourage students to make quick calculations without a calculator you could give them a challenge.


Stats and graphs Teach your students to draw and analyze graphs. Teaching languages with fidgets spinners Speaking Let your students pair up. Vocabulary Just like with math exercises, you can make a circle with new words in it. Long or longer? The top can work in two ways.

Spinners worksheets

The yellow gear of the launcher can mesh with both the blue and the red gears of the top. Find out which top will spin longest. First, predict which top will spin for a long time and which top will spin even longer. Write down your predictions using the words on the worksheet.

Fidget Spinner - Ellison Education Lesson #12164

Next, test how long the tops will spin first using the blue 8-tooth gear and then the red tooth gear. Write down your findings using the words on the worksheet. Have the students reflect on their tests by asking questions such as: What did you predict would happen and why?

Spinners worksheets

Describe what happened. Was this a fair test? Did you turn the handle in tests A and B at the same speed? Did you test all the tops on the same surface? Describe how the model works.

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Tip To accurately time how long the tops spin, use a standard measuring timer. Did you know? The blue gear has 8 teeth, the red has 24 teeth and the yellow gear has 40 teeth! Consider which materials and shapes would be best. Create amazing optical effects and tops for all sorts of games. Previous Lesson Previous Lesson 2 of Early Simple Machines Set. Teacher Support. Key objectives Students will learn about: How movement can be described in many ways How push and pull affect the movement and shape of objects Framework structures and how to make them stable Wheels and axles and how to use these for a specific purpose.

Things you will need Early Simple Machines Set two students per set recommended Colored pencils and markers Paper Scissors Several square yards of smooth, flat floor space Timer or clock. A Writing Standards W.