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Why it’s a good idea to dropship on Ebay

Shopify vs Amazon: Pros & Cons

You are registered from Canada and so should be fluent in either English or French Quebec. I suspect it is French based on your attitude toward English. If so, get over it or else confine your discussions to places where the language is French and all others are considered lower life forms. Sometimes people sell small inexpensive items to get fast sales to build up their feedback so their funds aren't withheld or their trying rebuild their feedback up after they've been dinged too many times or their DSR's are too low.

Then you have some who are weeding out end of season surplus so they price them low to get rid off things fast along with some who ended up with too many items that didn't sell because the market was flooded with them so they mark them down rea There's probably a dozen other reasons too. Skip to main content.

Go to My eBay page. The eBay Community. Sign In Help Guidelines About. Additional Resources. Knowledge Base Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better! Most Popular. Discussions Share best practices, tips, and insights.

How to make money on eBay ($1,000 cash in just 37 minutes)

New to eBay. Groups Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. Business Insights. Regional Groups. Special Interest Groups. Community Home Sign In Register. Seller News. Seller News Home. Knowledge Base. A Part-time eBay Sellers Group. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Aug 31, AM. Message 1 of Message 2 of They can still hit you with your eyes closed! Message 3 of Aug 31, PM.

That was worth as much as anything else in the post! You also must package and ship the item, which could take at least the same amount of time, and you may need to take the package to the shipping location, adding it to a possibly huge to do list. Then at tax time, spend an hour getting those donation slips in order and claiming your deduction. A garage sale that lasts all year is considered a business. Always use Paypal. Baker I find the research part to be the most fun of all. It makes me feel like a business owner on a micro-scale , where you get to do the fun stuff without taking on all the risk.

My favorite high school history teacher made hundreds of dollars a month selling books on Half. RE: shipping: One thing that Jim mentions in the interview is that free shipping has become the standard, and that sellers need to factor this into their listing price. Ebay offers the option to enter the package size and weight. When people bid on your item, they enter their zip code which determines how much they will pay for shipping. That amount just gets added if they win the auction. You can go to UPS. Then I round down and use that as my shipping cost. The USPS offers a flat rate box providing your item fits in it!

I have heard many horror stories about buyers and sellers getting burned by Paypal. Some simple tips to avoid getting burned too bad are: Buyers: Never use the option to pay using your checking account. Note, if you use Visa to dispute a Paypal charge, there is a good chance Paypal will lock or cancel your Paypal account. In the end would you rather have a Paypal account or you money? Legally Paypal can not pull the money back out of your bank account without your permission.

Again, Paypal will lock or cancel your Paypal account but at least you have your money. I often use Ebay to supplement the cost of other things i. It will help you gage price and whether it is worth your time. You definitely need shipping for large items like wakeboards.

I once posted a used 1st gen. Seemed sketchy or really dumb. In your final recap you gave a total time spent of 37 minutes, but you never tell how much the shoes sold for. I know that any amount over the listing fees is a gain for you in the form of more cash in your pocket as well as more closet space and that this was mostly an exercise to gain experience using ebay, but it would be nice to know what return you received for the 37 minutes you invested in this learning experience. I am from India. I am ready to research and listing part to sell your product. I will very happy to work 10dollar per hour.

If you have the requirement then mail me. It not just easy to just sell on eBay or outsource work to Indian freelancer. Let me help you all in it. Yes, but how do you estimate what dollar amount to factor in? A negative comment can destroy your reputation. Make sure not to lie about the condition of the product. It really irks buyers when they paid you money for a pair of shoes that takes 3 weeks to get to them. I normally do this before any sale to see what similar items have sold for recently, so I know how much I expect to get for my item.

Also, a great side for books, dvds, cds is half. Not the run-of-the-mill […]. Thanks for this very informative post. I used to think that no one can get rich from eBay anymore. This post just proved me wrong. Hi Ramit! I love your book and blog, found you through the blog of Mr. Tim Ferris and the 4HWW. Most of the buyers came from the Mid-West.

Basically he funneled deals happening in NYC to other parts of the country. He found his niche and his market and prospered. This article is great! Although if you are an occasional ebay seller or a full time one how to you go about paying taxes on what you make? Ive been trying to google this but cannot get one straight answer.

I was a bit skeptical about actually selling what I had a relatively new, irreparable laptop given to me in hopes of a repair but it ended up going pretty decently. I DID do the research and put up a full description though, but as for the pictures I just used something I googled. But I got to really see that just putting time into something involved in making money like that can be really rewarding. Totally cool with critical comments, but please leave a working email address so I can get in touch with you. If […]. Question for members of Scrooge, or Ramit: If I sign up now, is there an archive of tips that I could search through?

Hi Farrell, yes there is. Thanks Ramit! This brings me back memories. I used to be an occasional eBay seller. I went to garage sales and Craigslist to get inventory. Only reason I stopped was because of all the travel by public transportation. Would like to get into it again despite all the fees , but trying to decide which niche. You have to get the latest edition since ebay is constantly changing. Great tips although the thing that has always bothered me about selling on eBay is that it seems hard to be able to find a strategy that can be scaled in any type of real way.

Certainly scaling is easier when you have specialized knowledge about a certain product niche i. Look it up As the article says, find a niche market. People are willing to pay crazy money in niche markets. Good work, more please. A new multimillion dollar international domain marketing firm, GDI, offers a tremendous opportunity for making over dollars per month by investing your time in part time marketing. A free seven day trial is also offered. Have to look into this because I want to increase my income and I have a lot of unused books, clothes, etc. Thanks for the article.

People COME to ebay and search there for a product first. If you have a product to sell or want to get into ecommerce, this is a great testbed to start…. I think this was a great article. I did a write up about this article on my blog. I love your site. Keep up the great work. Personally, I love eBay and the big variety of products you can purchase or sell. I used to sell used and rare books on ebay. Then after the dotcom bubble the used book biz got really slow.

But I could never make big money on ebay. I think ebay is becoming a desert though. I prefer to sell books on amazon and half. Ebay is a fantastic platform to start a business and to test your market. You can start generating income from day one and have bugger all overheads. If you compare this to building a website: 1. And even after all this outlay it will probably take around 1. Great article, I always use ebay to sell my old stuff and even use old newspapers and boxes to make the parcel. So get some extra space in your home, make someone happy and even get some extra bucks!

I am such an ebay fan! This post was great, I too often see terrible posts on ebay, but the items are great.

Shopify vs Amazon: Which Platform Should You Use?

Selling Belongings on Ebay- I love ebay. For the obvious reason that i can make money by taking a picture, writing a little bit about a product and then going back to playing Call of Duty It is that easy. The key to selling something on ebay is making sure there is a demand for such a product.

For example i sold a fairly new piece of technology recently and it did great. I got almost as much as it is worth. It was new in the box, and it was not doing me any good anyways. Trying to sell something that you made out of construction paper and macaroni noodles is probably not going to sell, unless it rivals Picasso. Ramit Sethi wrote an awesome blog about making money on Ebay recently. For example, if you live in Portland Nike headquarters , maybe you can find cheap Nike apparel and then sell it to buyers on the East coast at a price that would make you an nice profit but still be cheaper for the person on the east coast to purchase.

For those wanting to jump in even deeper, check out this recent killer guest post featured by Ramit Sethi. Craigslist is great but again there are some safety issues. I personally like Amazon but I guess you have to find what really works for you. Have a great week everybody.

Great article. I am using segbay and segbayxp APPs that automates my searches to run every 10 min or less many items on ebay are Buy Now only saves search time as well as the build in sniper. Can anyone give me some direction?.

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Great tutorial, seems to be a lot of costs that the seller should have to cover. That makes me a That makes me And i havent put my profit yet. How is that some people sell things on ebay Free shipping cheaper that the shippment itrself??

9 Places to Sell Your Stuff Online - NerdWallet

We really love the information provided. Here is a very thorough article on how to sell on eBay that will inspire you to start selling today! Either way, eBay itself does not have its own brand nor does it try to use its sellers as guinea pigs in order to steal their business — it is purely an ecommerce platform. The bottom line is that Amazon is a far more competitive market for individual sellers and leans towards newer items whereas eBay provides sellers with the ability to build brand identity and while a majority of its items are new, it provides a niche for used items and collectibles.

Many people wonder which marketplace has more international exposure and would obviously prefer to sell their items on a more international site, to a more varied customer base. The bottom line is that eBay has more international scope and if you are looking to expand internationally and have a large, diverse customer base, eBay is your guy. If you prefer to have a US customer base, Amazon is a better bet. When selling a product, it is wise to know who your customers are and what expectations they have.

Sometimes a quick search on Google can provide you with a very exact answer to a question you have. In this case, I decided to ask Google which of these two sites has lower fees:. This is 2. Winner: eBay — sellers keep an average of 5. Of course this is a very rough generalization since you have to also consider price vs. On eBay, you are left to your own devices in terms of:.

But of course if Amazon is making your life easier and providing you with a service they are going to charge you for it. Now that you have a clear conclusion I want to compare the fees that Amazon charges versus the fees that eBay charges:. These two examples are of common items sold on eBay and Amazon: Books and DVDs, in both examples you can see that both the net profit margins are higher on eBay than on Amazon.