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As stated above, I think Nagoya is the birthplace of the Uesama. More importantly, it was centrally located in Owari surrounded by other Oda castles.

The March to Kyoto

Another factor is historian Owada Tetsuo. However, I am still not sold on it at the time being. Nagoya for now. Older posts.

Jesuits and Japan in 1950s / Nobunaga & Hideyoshi

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Oda Nobunaga (World Color of Theater Troupe)

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Battle of Okehazama

Winter Poems. Nobunaga saw them as a threat to the future stability of Japan. After destroying the Mt. Hiei monastery, he hunted down and slaughtered the fleeing Hiei monks, regardless of their innocence or age. At the Battle of Nagashino, he instituted new offensive and defensive tactics with guns which changed Japanese warfare forever. A great military strategist, he built massive stone forts that would resist the new firearms, and he strengthened his warships with iron-cladding.

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He also instituted a specialized warrior class, appointing his retainers to positions based on ability rather than family connection. He became a Jesuit missionary in Possessing an ear for language, Rodgrigues was soon able to speak Japanese fluently, which earned the nickname, "the interpreter. Living in Japan for 33 years, he wrote a book considered one of the era's key historical chronicles of Japan, Historia da Igreja do Japao "This Land of Japan". He also wrote a book on Japanese grammar that helped other missionaries master the difficult Japanese language.

Jesuit missionary Joao Rodrigues wrote: "Some say he cut his belly, while others believe that he set fire to the palace and perished in the flames.

Hideyoshi soon emerged as the next ruling military leader of Japan. He and Tokugawa became uneasy allies. Born of peasant stock, little is known of Hideyoshi's life prior to Short and thinly proportioned, he cut an odd figure; the tactless Nobunaga had referred to him as Saru monkey and the "bald rat".