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Water flows and urban planning.

Energy in the built environment. Du kanske gillar.

Me Elton John Inbunden. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. The urban environment - buildings, cities and infrastructure - represents one of the most important contributors to climate change, while at the same time holding the key to a more sustainable way of living. The transformation from traditional to sustainable systems requires interdisciplinary knowledge of the re-design, construction, operation and maintenance of the built environment.

Sustainable Urban Environments An Ecosystem Approach

Sustainable Urban Environments: An Ecosystem Approach presents fundamental knowledge of the built environment. Developing cities, with their limited funds, often need first to meet more-severe and urgent infrastructure needs, such as sanitation and water supply. I have seen this at work. The approach had proved successful at about 1, experimental sites in Japan. However, our local counterparts saw no point in planting native trees that they perceived as neither beautiful nor useful.

They were also concerned about the cost of maintaining and monitoring the reforested area. Eventually, we developed a plan to ring the site with fruit trees.

Sustainability Concepts: Urban Ecosystems

Both researchers and practitioners must learn the art of adaptation. Most of all, integration is essential. Cities must be viewed as a human-dominant ecosystem, with natural, social, technical, economic and cultural components, and we need to apply systems principles — a recognized approach in urban ecology — to manage them. Analysis and planning must bring together different city functions, weigh trade-offs and hunt out synergies.

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We researchers need to get our acts together by bridging conceptual, methodological and disciplinary divides to develop integrated and actionable urban knowledge. Sometimes, the same stretch of road is dug up multiple times, by different city departments working independently to improve the water, sewage and gas pipes and road quality.

City planners often try to optimize just one variable without considering others, for example, designing a suburb to fit in a lot of residents, without providing much room for green spaces. High density might be the right direction, but it needs to be examined alongside other implications and trade-offs.

With the aid of a green roof with all the climatic advantages thereof.

Sustainable Urban Environments: An Ecosystem Approach

In a place where people usually do not spend much attention. In a press release of August 14, , the winners were named. Battle against many oddities by an IEES-related organisation. It used to be part of a continuous mountain forest from Nyungwe to the Volcanos Park. Today, this ancient forest range with areas of endemic species in Africa and the world is split in four important protected areas in Rwanda from south to north : the Nyungwe, Mukura and Gishwati forests and the Volcano Park.

As the relief is very accidented and the tree cover very low, there is a high risk of sol erosion and thereby land degradation. Mukura Forest has reserve status since it then covered ha. Currently, ha are left. This amounts to an alarming situation which arose for several reasons. The population pressure is high: up to inhabitants per km2 ; this aggravates deforestation and consequently erosion.

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Finally, the current climate variations are increasing the stress on the natural resources which are already overused by the local communities. Validation workshop of Mukura Management Plan with the following main priorities:. IEEC works on many environmental problems all over the world.

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But are we able to help preservimg an ancient forest with endemic species? If such forest are lost, it is lost forever. Coming from different disciplines this expert group has been stimulating and initiating urban agriculture in Rotterdam, because they believe urban agriculture can greatly benefit the city. This independent research was recently presented to a wide range of local and regional actors. The English summary of this highly interesting work is available here:.

To the EcoSummit participants, In accordance with the conference executive committee, we would like to invite you to the joint session — Ecological Engineering Practice: An International Review, which will take place on Tuesday Aug.