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And then you get to go to Thespian festival, which is a lot of fun, and talk to people from different schools and learn about different shows, which is exciting. At Wahlert, troupe members and family come together at the end of the year for one final show. Since Thespian Night is a celebration of theater, the night is set up like a performance, and each grade plays a different role. Underclassmen are responsible for bringing food. Upperclassmen play active parts, taking turns performing onstage. The seniors also perform a skit, which is an important part of the initiation process.

Their skit tells about the Thespian society and the importance of theater. While the general format is the same every year, each senior class personalizes the skit. At the end of the night, seniors take their final bows and pass the troupe onto the underclassmen. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Name required. Email Address required. Speak your mind. Other stories filed under Student Life. Bikes, balloons, bile, oh my! Many of us had a good time these days enjoying the magical atmosphere that the day event always brings with it to the Cuban capital.

On the down side, I recall that not long ago there were many local neighborhood cinemas taking part in the festival one or two in each municipality , but the number has been reduced.

Carrie Hope Fletcher

As a consequence, everyone who wants to see the main films concentrates around eight centrally located theaters, thus the very long lines. I like the Brazilian films a lot because they have good stories and are well acted. Today I think the themes are repetitious. It touches on different social problems like child labor and domestic violence.

He tries to change things, even if it means paying a very high price. The end is hard, but the film is a song of hope. The opinions are very diverse, and people have been generally happy. Daysi wants the festival to last longer. Carrie switches PoV whenever she feels like it, confusing the reader. The motivations for each character are told almost instantly by the narrator, instead of having the reader find things out through dialogue as the characters get to know each othe TW: mentions of sexual assault and murder This book was so bad.

The motivations for each character are told almost instantly by the narrator, instead of having the reader find things out through dialogue as the characters get to know each other. The timeline is The characters act extremely unnaturally, too. Their dialogues are filled with cool comebacks, perfect phrases, and politically correct statements that feel out of place. At more than one point in the book, extreme accidents occur someone gets shot in the head, a lamp falls down on a cast member, or a character gets sexually assaulted and raped and the characters deal with this in a super coherent way.

The climax was so awkward I had trouble reading it. Olive and Oscar were both extremely annoying characters and their parts were so hard to get through. Finally, one last thing: was Doug okay in the end? Did we find out? Did I miss it or was he just never mentioned again? Who knows. Aug 19, Charlotte Appleyard rated it liked it. Things I liked 1. When the Curtain Falls shines when discussing the details of the theatre world, opening nights, rehearsals, the relationships between cast members, even the structure of the stage and the mundane everyday things like signing in and out and receiving post.

I enjoyed all this, it felt very real and intimate as we got to see a side to the theatre that's rarely discussed. Very readable and easy to pick up, I flew through it and found it quite entertaining 3. The drama revolving ar Things I liked 1. The drama revolving around Fawn Burrow's in the sections set in the s were genuinely gripping if a little melodramatic at times , I really felt how helpless her situation was, particularly in the hands of Hamish Boatwright who was quite despicable and made my skin crawl.

I think the period setting worked well with this, as her story was very much framed in the context of how women were treated at the time. I think Carrie clearly has some amazing friends around her, because she write's dialogue between friends very well, and captures that playful honest dynamic. It's a shame it was always in the context of Olive's relationship with Oscar! Things I didn't like 1. Both of the romances were very rushed and lacking build up besides initial attraction and a few interactions. When reading romance I want my stomach to flip a bit more that it did! Rather than skipping over the fun will-they-won't-they stuff and straight into intense feelings and discussions about the future and their relationship status.

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Not much of a plot with the modern stuff, besides Olive and Oscar having incredibly long conversations about if he's ready for a relationship, and how they love spending time with each other etc etc 3. More creepy paranormal activity was very needed to build the tension towards the ending, often I forgot this it was suppose to be a ghost story, so when ghostly things did happen they were very jarring.

The ghost imagery was so unusual I'm not sure what to think, it seemed almost like fantasy, with a lot of fire and crackling electricity, instead of the darkness and unsettling silence I would expect. Some parts involving the ghosts were in my opinion a little bit cheesy particularly right at the end. This is definitely a matter of taste and I admire Carrie for doing something different. As for the writing I think it's what I would expect from chick lit a label the author herself uses , simple, grounded in everyday speech, lots of internal monologues and switching povs.

This is not literary fiction, don't expect lyrical prose or inventive experiments in form. I've noticed some quite harsh criticism and I feel sometimes it comes from people who this book is perhaps not aimed at, or even those who believe the author is undeserving of her success because she doesn't have an English degree and found a following initially on Youtube.

This strikes me as unfair, and I would say to anyone, if the premise of this book intrigues you just give it a go and make your own mind up. But I'm afraid this book was not for me. But you can really feel all the love she has for theater and its people, and you can definitely tell how kind and generous she is through her words. Aug 08, AJ rated it did not like it Shelves: library , I did finish it but not without skimming bits.

It didn't really bode well when the second sentence had a typo but I pushed on. Maybe it just wasn't a book for me but I've read similar things that are actually really well written and enjoyed them. I think its possible that the author has good ideas but probably not enough time to flesh them out properly while also preforming in 8 shows a week as well as any other concerts and rehearsals. I wish her good luck but I wont be duped into reading anoth I did finish it but not without skimming bits. I wish her good luck but I wont be duped into reading another book.

Nov 13, Stephanie earlgreyreads rated it it was ok. Unfortunately this book didn't quite work for me. There are two parallel stories, from the first run of When the Curtain Falls at the Southern Cross Theatre in , to present day when the show is being produced for only the second time since. In , the show ended in tragedy when a character was killed on stage.

Here's Greta Van Fleet's Zeppelin-tastic New Song "When the Curtain Falls" | MetalSucks

In present day, Olive, a well-known renowned actress in the theatre is playing the lead in the show. She has an a immediate connection with the male lead- a famous television star, O Unfortunately this book didn't quite work for me. She has an a immediate connection with the male lead- a famous television star, Oscar.

Greta Van Fleet - When The Curtain Falls (Audio)

Oscar and Olive begin their romance in secret, but they are threatened by Oscar's past, other cast members, and the ghosts of the production literally. At first, I enjoyed the positive tone of the novel, and the British humour. However, the discussions between characters are repetitive and the same themes and conflicts are continuously arising. I preferred the storyline, as the romance between Fawn and Walter felt more natural and genuine than that of Oscar and Olive.

I could not understand Oscar's feelings or actions, and I think this is due to a lack of character development and back story. I was also really bothered by the casual treatment of rape and suicide near the end of the novel. There was not enough background or follow up, which can be dangerous and offensive.

I was prepared that this is a ghost story, and went into this expecting some fantasy elements. However, I still feel that the climax was completely out of nowhere and non-sensical. There should be more detail as to the guidelines of the supernatural world, before throwing it in at the end of the book. Though this book wasn't for me, I did find it quick to read, and there are some satisfying moments when characters get what they deserve.

I also love the setting of the theatre, and appreciate some cast drama now and then! Aug 20, Ahyira rated it really liked it. I have read all of Carrie's books so far and enjoyed them. But this one really shows the growth both in her writing and in her personality. The writing is dense and the tension really gets more and more intense as the story continues.

The themes emerge again and again in such a nice way. All in all I really enjoyed reading this book, more than o thought I would. A rich story with beautiful and heart breaking moments. Jul 28, Charlotte rated it it was ok.

Told through Past and Present narratives, the reader learns of the great tragedy that befell Fawn Burrows during a performance of When The Curtain Falls and how things turned out that way. In the present, the production has been rebooted and the leads Oliver and Oscar are unable to ignore the ghostly happenings plaguing their rehersals. I can't remember if I've ever read a book set in a theatre and, as someone who goes to the theatre often, this was a nice,refreshing change of scenery. Alongside Told through Past and Present narratives, the reader learns of the great tragedy that befell Fawn Burrows during a performance of When The Curtain Falls and how things turned out that way.

Alongside that, as Carrie Hope Fletcher is well known for her acting roles, the book reads like she is very much in her comfort zone. I liked the feeling of things coming full circle: Fawn and Walter's love story and how in ways it mirrors Olive and Oscar as the show gets underway.

There are themes of self worth and strength littered through the story well. However, those are the only good things I really have to say. The initial premise had me intrigued but I've had an issue with every single one of Carrie's fiction books. Her characters never seem to grab me and When The Curtain Falls is no different. I've discovered that my main grievance is with her actual writing style and that is not as easily solved as a different plot. There's one chapter set in the past which reveals the exact details of that aforementioned tragic event and then the chapter following it is a present day where Walter reveals the details to Oscar of what we've just seen.

Which seemed a really odd choice but I guess the true drama of the book would have been fine if the former was removed. I think, overall, that Carrie's books are just not for me. Aug 05, Jana rated it really liked it. I think this is Carrie's best work so far. While the first half seems kind of light-hearted and a little bit superficial almost, the second half had me gasping constantly and turning the page as quickly as I could. I absorbed every bit of the story so much because I found it super intriguing and interesting.

Her writing is beautiful as well. Jul 25, Lizzie rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , magic , ghosts , bechdel-pass , female-author. I debated whether to give 4 or 5 stars, but at the end of the day all of my requirements for a fantastic book were achieved: I was hooked, I was invested, and I believed it.

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I got chills at the Big Reveal - the kind that make your heart go cold - and while the beginning was strong, it got stronger as it went on. Jul 13, Becca Milsom rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book! It was a very easy read and a quick page turner as i wanted to keep reading just to find out what happened! I fell in love with Walter and Fawn, but for some reason didn't feel quite the same connection with Oscar and Olive, which surprised me, but i think its more down to personal preference- some of their actions and how they were both so insecure just frustrated me.

But i really enjoyed the book and would definietly reccommend! Aug 05, Charlotte Lisowski rated it did not like it. This is written across two eras, concentrating on two sets of people. While I adored Walter and Fawns story and could have read a whole book on just them and no doubt would have given it 5 starts, Olive and Oscar set in modern times really fell short for me. Seemed to go round in circles and I found myself speed reading their chapters to get to the end. Weak story line, unfortunately just a weak read full stop. A very disappointing read and I would think twice before going back to this author no This is written across two eras, concentrating on two sets of people.

A very disappointing read and I would think twice before going back to this author now. However, the majority of the novel was polluted with teen angst and romance drama. The story alternates between two love stories; One was rich, archaic and beautiful. The other dull and unfathomable as to why they actually liked each other.

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So, three stars, it wasn't anything special. Jul 06, Freya Nedderman rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read Slow to start, but from about a third of the way through onwards - just brilliant. May 14, Aug 19, Megan Jones rated it liked it. The only catch is they have to meet in secret. But life in the theatre does not always go according to plan and tragedy and heartache are waiting in the wings. In the present day it looks like history is about to repeat itself for Olive and Oscar.

With every book I feel like Fletcher gets a bit better at writing but is still not quite there.

I would not mind especially if it was one book, maybe even two but the third is pushing it way too far. Unfortunately it demonstrates a lack of imaging other people, if Fletcher wants to write based on her life then fine but be more open with it. I would have loved if this had unique, new characters in. The downside is they are only touched on and not really explored in full detail which would have improved this.

The Nugget

This is told in two timelines but they are kept very separate, we have for a large chunk and then the present day and I think it would have been infinitely improved if the timelines were more interlinked, as it is they are very much apart from one another. For me, most of the story happened in but the better developed characters are Olive and Oscar in the present day, this is a pity and again the book would have improved if Fawn and Walter were the more developed couple.

Back to the plot and I did overall enjoy it and it trundles along nicely for most of the book. When it does end, everything is nicely tied up but I was just left feeling a bit meh about the book. Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos About Carrie Hope Fletcher. Carrie Hope Fletcher. Carrie Hope Fletcher is an actress, author and singer-songwriter.