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The approach is considered to be valid, although it requires significant preparatory work and is time-consuming, especially when the number of flocks to be vaccinated is high and when sentinel birds are not confined to cages within the flock.

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Keywords: avian, birds, antigens, virus, polymerases. Van Oirschot JT.

Diva vaccines that reduce virus transmission. J Biotechnol. Pasick J. Application of DIVA vaccines and their companion diagnostic tests to foreign animal disease eradication.

Avian & Wildlife Biology

Anim Health Res Rev. Bouvier NM, Palese P. The biology of influenza viruses. Highly pathogenic avian influenza. Rev Sci Tech.

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Increased resistance of vaccinated turkeys to experimental infection with an H7N low—pathogenicity avian influenza virus. Avian Pathol. Development of a DIVA Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animals strategy using a vaccine containing a heterologous neuraminidase for the control of avian influenza. Message by EIC.

Diva strategies for avian influenza - MedCrave online

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