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The Automated Ban List. Got back from the AfreecaTV…. The Second Civil War. I'm in college! Message for Blizzard. Sleep deprived in Shanghai…. Need second opinions Mar…. Love for the Game x2. Customize Sidebar Educational: How to troll your brother. Post a Reply. When I was younger I shared household with my step dad, mom, brother and sister for a year and a half.

One of my favorite activities during breaks was "fucking" not literally with my siblings, eating and annoying the cat. This one time something "awesome" happened, I heard some ruckus upstairs and I quickly ran up wanting in on the action. The scenario I saw before me was my mom in a rage, ferociously leaning forward to look more intimidating cussing and screaming at the top of her lungs. Behind her I saw my brother and his mate both looking down with a slightly nervous, semi-terrified look of guilt and despair. Apparently she had gone in his room unannounced to tell him dinner was almost ready, and when she opened the door my brother's friend was showing him this "awesome" lighter trick, where you stand on a matress, have a plastic bag not sure what that's for and you inhale the gas, shortly afterward you pass out and you wake up all giggly and stupid.

I place myself next to my mom, on her left I think it was, and I put on my "disappointed son" expression while shaking my head, mumbling in a low voice. My mom, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, cleanest glass in the cabinet, most fitting of gloves in the gloves compartment so forth turns around with her mouth wide open in disbelief.

Holds her rage for a few seconds, my brother knows what's going on, his jaw start going limp too by the looks of it, but he's still frozen, he doesn't act. And she screams At this point she seem to be struggling finding words, mostly incoherent cussing and shouting coming out of her. Mom, he's ly!! His age at the time was around After the 10 min of fun I run down to continue my "work". Was doing my grind to Rank 14, hehe. That particular day I was doing an all niter, and when the night creeps in it's like you get more creative, get more ideas and think much more clearly.

And this night was no different, I suddenly got hit by a stroke of geniusy yes, that is a word, I ran it by Celz. Clock is around - or so, I run up to the kitchen and I start frantically going through drawers, cabinets and gather up all the "stuff" I need in a large plastic bag. Next stop is the living room, I get some of mom's magazines, I then "graciously", like a cat I like cats dart outside to the garage collecting more items, items for my epic quest!!

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When you get into this mode it's like a feeling of slight anxiety, fear and adrenalin built into a bundle of excitement and happiness. You randomly have to stop and do these small gentle claps with your hands or you'll burst. I then go in my "crouching ninja, hidden tiger" mode where I carefully sneak in to my brother's bedroom, here I spend around 20 minutes or so setting out all the items in their respective places.

I didn't really think she could read, probably just looks at the pictures. I carefully place the plastic bags here and there, the lighters I put in places they are easy to spot when you first enter. I take off the top of the spray cans and I knock a few over for realism , the magazine I open on a side where there's women you could potentially fap to, I then place it right next to my brothers head, carefully, as not to wake him. Luckily he happens to be a very heavy sleeper, so this is NP. I also try placing the glue bottles at places close to him with the lid off, and a little bit of it's content squeezed through the top for even more realism.

When I'm satisfied with my work I slowly make my exit, and now all I have to do is wait xD yay. My mom always wakes him up before school, she usually gets up first. My brother would always miss his first few classes if someone didn't wake him. And even if she didn't wake first, I was so ready for it, making a lot of noise to wake her that is. Evil laugh. Pfffthhhh, oh man, she just lost it completely lol.

I know I talked earlier about "I'm really good at knowing people's limits, then going close to them but not quite over". In some of my other stories. I won't go into details, but I had to run upstairs and get ready to intervene, just in case she attacked him. PS, in the aftermath I apologized to my brother and he still loves me an awful lot. PPS, now it's just a cool story.

I told this story last on the 14th of October when I met his new gf for the first time. She was pretty awesome, she doesn't drink, likes to ride, and she likes my stories. You have great blogs lol.

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The second part was pretty cruel, but I like the "I try to look as disappointed as I can, I mustered up the calmest voice I could find in the situation. On November 08 ImDrizzt wrote: I try to look as disappointed as I can, I mustered up the calmest voice I could find in the situation. You are my favorite blogger on Teamliquid! Keep sharing your awesome crazy stories! I would never do something like that to anybody unless they deserved it. Seems a bit harsh. Don't worry about it Ulfsark, this one time, he was really really depressed and emo.

He even got his hair long, colored it black, had the whole somber look thing going on. Started writing more about pain and how deep his soul hurt n shit. I had not played wow in years, I know, family don't really listen to family. I had gotten back from where I used to live due to an illness, I contemplated for days on how to help him. He was really inspired and thought it was awesome all the "work" I was doing.

I had to rebuild my body, I did walks, runs, I took push ups, I only read "deep" stuff, was wearing glasses and tried to knowledge up a little. I only eat healthy. He said he wanted to do stuff like that so much, but he couldn't. I know how hard it is.

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So I sacrificed myself for 2 months, I stopped everything, I went to playing only WoW, I'd shower less, I'd lose enthusiasm, it was a real nightmare, it's so harsh when you truly don't want to play it. But I endured, he slowly saw the change in me, I was becoming like him. He hated it. He begged me to stop. I said I would, if he did. He said he'd try. After that I started feeding him more and more books, started with really short stuff, to build up his mental stamina. I started learning him about food and diet, he was chubby.

Now he's a god. I started taking him to the gym, learned him how to train, how often, breaks, the works, you name it. He got it. After that I gave him self help books, the good ones, then books on how to read faster, how to memorize it. Slowly but surely he started taking it all in. I analyzed him, told him he was much more extraverted than me, he needed to socialize x10 more than me, so to copy me was a road to disaster.

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He complied to virtually everything. After that I taught him how to apply for jobs, you just write a million aps, send it everywhere and then pick what you want. He got a full time job, worked his ass of, trained, and read books.


Now he's finishing his degree, and I've never seen him work so hard, just this last weekend he had another study weekend, where he tells his friend's no drinking, and he just works. He gotten his grades up, his mom used to tell him he was dyslectic and stupid. Now he's learning at such a rapid pace, it's sick. Ron Butlin. Mary Man-Kong. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases.

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Description Troll Brother is the tale of Kile, the Troll, as an exchange student living with the Johannsons in a small town hidden in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Experience Kile's humorous and adventurous experience learning about the cultural, racial, traditional and even inter-species relationships we all struggle with at times. The adventures of Kile and his host, Robert Johannson, culminate in a three way battle to return the Troll to his clan between Trolls, Humans and Goblins.

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